Our specialists are often asked for advice and guidance about their specific areas of expertise so we came up with this career guide for the most common career paths. So whether you are interested in accountancy or marketing, a legal career or pursuing IT we hope you find something useful in our guides to specific careers.

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Marketing is an exciting and fast-paced industry that’s always changing. It requires creativity and analytical skills and the ability to persuade and affect decisions.


The IT industry continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK offering a wide range of jobs divided across many different divisions and sub divisions. In turn, each of these divisions and sub divisions require an alternative range of skills and strengths, making the IT industry suitable for a wide range of people.


There are a number of strong reasons why a career in the Sales industry should be a serious consideration. Every company that has a product or provides a service needs sales people to take it to market and as long as companies strive to remain competitive, there will always be jobs available for good quality sales people.


Those in the Legal sector perform a valuable role, especially as law is intertwined with every aspect of our society –from the minimum wage you can expect to earn in a new job to the rights you have should you lose it. Working in law requires hard work, commitment, and attention to detail. To succeed you require a logical and analytical approach, together with excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Engineering is an exciting industry with a multitude of career opportunities and many Engineers cite the variety and challenging nature of their work among the main aspects that they enjoy about their profession. Engineering can offer a chance to continually develop and improve a product or range of products, which gives real value and a sense of pride.


Working in a Contact Centre can offer you a large number of career prospects. From answering phone calls to managing a team there is a wide range of opportunities and progression to fit many different circumstances, which is why Contact Centres can be a great career to provide staff with experience or flexibility.


Whether you are interested in pursuing a career as a PA or an office manager, if you possess the skills needed to be successful in a business support role you will always be in demand. All businesses need a support function so the different industries which you are able to specialise in are almost limitless.


Healthcare is a rewarding field full of exciting opportunities for people of all education levels and abilities and demand for Healthcare professionals is high throughout the world, and so there are many reasons to follow such a career path. Healthcare positions often also have excellent opportunities to develop in the role. As well as sideways movement to other departments and specialisms there are plenty of possibilities for moving up the career ladder.


HR (or human resources) opens doors to jobs in every sector – the world is your oyster. You can build your career internationally or at home. From media to engineering and from banks to charities, pretty much every industry and company will need to hire the expertise of an HR professional.


A career in Accountancy & Finance offers a wide range of opportunities and often lucrative packages. As constant innovation is commonplace a career in the sector means you’re always learning and experiencing a fast-paced work-day. In order to be successful, you’ll need to be excellent with numbers and have good organisational, business and people skills.


Education is a rewarding field full of exciting opportunities for people who enjoy the satisfaction from growing individuals and teaching. Demand for Educational professionals is high throughout the world, there is excellent opportunities to develop within roles, as well as sideways movement to other departments and specialism.